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Resignation email of the week
12 April 2013
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New Zealand lawyer, Sam Blackman, has written a bizzare resignation letter to his colleagues at firm Chapman Tripp.

Stealing lines from Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar', Blackman, who had been at the Auckland based firm for a mere four weeks, surprised colleagues with this:


His creativity doesn’t end there however, as he merrily turned on his internal out of office to read:


When intrigued colleagues then clicked on the given link, they were redirected to a blogging website with the words "more balls, less chains" emblazoned across their screens and cynicisms like "you used to have a job, but we won't hold that against you". Charming.

His resignation and out of office left no question marks as to whether Blackman would be returning to the law. Blackman later said that will be starting a new career in the technology sector.

Blackman told that he resigned with a formal letter which had not been circulated online and he left Chapman Tripp on good terms. A spokesperson from the firm would not comment on circumstances of individual employees or those who had left the company.


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anonymous user
13/04/2013 06:25
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four weeks... the bloke is a trooper

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