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Client fined for defaming his ex-lawyers
01 June 2018
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A court has awarded two New Zealand lawyers a total NZD84,000 after they were defamed by an ex-client.

Lawyers Phillip Ross and Clifford Church sued Brian Hunter for statements about them that appeared on Hunter's website, referring to them as "the Terrible Two", "gutless" "two-faced" and "devious". 

The matter was heard in court at the end of last year and the decision has now been released. In the decision, the presiding judge said that comments made by Hunter on his website were "plainly aimed at injuring the plaintiffs in their professional standing". The judge added that Hunter had added meta-data to ensure the articles came up in Google searches, which illustrated his "express malice, spite and ill will". In a further act, Hunter also sent his diatribes by post to some of Ross' clients in unmarked envelopes. 

"Here's today's angry missive on this beautiful morning"  

As well as awarding damages to Ross and Church totalling NZD84,000, the judge also ordered an injunction to prevent Hunter from publishing further defamatory material against the lawyers. 

It is not the first time that Hunter has found himself on the wrong side of the authorities. He has previously amassed over 200 convictions for dishonesty offences and served time in prison. His list of convictions include impersonating a lawyer in order to convince a woman to sell her house and pretending to be a flight instructor. 


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