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humping on a call
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Posted - 11 May 2018 08:26
Any chance the partner and junior associate from the bank's legal team could put their phone on mute please? It's getting a little distracting.
Capt Haddock
Posted - 11 May 2018 09:15
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heavy breathing or just too many oohs and ahhs
Posted - 11 May 2018 09:50
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what's the point of humping your lawyers if you can't hear them scream?

yeah, so we're not selling the plc now, we've agreed that British Spaz will buy our widgets division and Annointed Badger Limited. Also, they want our a slice of our property management division, I think that's registered in Uganda as some kind of trust thingy. Oh, and they say there's some pensions stuff, and after that last incident, we'd probably better put something in about asbestos. Can you sort it for Monday? Give me a call at any time, but I'll not answer if I'm taking a tricky put on the back 9. Do we need to tell the stock exchange too, I'm sure you'll know all about that. Oh, and I've got an argument with my neighbour about my shed - could you have a look?
Posted - 11 May 2018 10:02
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putt, not put - or who knows, maybe he's talking about his own shares