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Posted - 12 June 2018 08:30
don't you find that sort of reassuring

in a sort of "well I must actually be in the top 5% of people who have their shitt together" kind of way
Posted - 12 June 2018 08:36
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Quite the opposite.

I have many of the same instincts for dilettantism as him and often wonder if this is how I come across when talking about technical things.
Posted - 12 June 2018 08:52
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It’s all part of a cunning plan to lure the EU into thinking they’re dealing with someone who is as thick as mince.

As soon as we get to the business end of Brexit Davis will whip the aces from his sleeve, and with the strains of Rule Britannia in the background, Johnny Forriner will have to bend over, drop his trousers and receive a large consignment of British sausage. Tariff free, of course.

Either that or we’re fvcked. Time, as always, will tell.

Capt Haddock
Posted - 12 June 2018 09:02
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Keefy - brexit bulldog spirit?
Posted - 12 June 2018 09:08
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I (arguably) misread that as Brexit bullshit spirit on first glance.
Robert Lucas
Posted - 12 June 2018 09:09
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Fantastic. I want a sound-clip.

During the local elections the local radio coverage had an intro jingle that sounded utterly familiar but it took me a week to place it. The opening bars of Stealer's Wheel 'Stuck in the Middle'. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am. Nobody called them on it so far as I can tell.
Posted - 12 June 2018 09:57
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really tedious interview.

why does humphrys keep re-hashing the referendum arguments rather than examine DD's current job?

JH - is there a possibility we will stay in a customs union after 2121 given the wording released by No 10?
DD - no, impossible, it's not going to happen.
JH - why not?
DD - 60% of our trade is outside the EU, we need to expand that.

FFS - that's not a reason why it's "impossible". It's a simple restatement of why DD would prefer not to be in a customs union. And Humphrys completely ignores it.
Posted - 12 June 2018 10:09
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And no sumo, and btw you're supposed to think that when despots are in power.

isn't it better to have an incompetent despot than a highly intellectual and efficient one?
Lears Fool
Posted - 12 June 2018 10:35
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Is they the today programme this morning?
Posted - 12 June 2018 12:13
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Humphries has largely lost his edge, and misses huge open goals in a way that serves the public increasingly badly, like Paxman was beginning to in the last years.

He needs to be replaced by someone sharper.
I am not Spartacus
Posted - 12 June 2018 13:19
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I'm no fan of Humphries, but it was the best bit of radio for ages as he sat in silence to allow the tumbleweed to roll past after Davis's joke about his age.
Posted - 12 June 2018 13:41
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misses huge open goals

Completely agree.

"Our trade outside of the EU has been growing at an increasing rate for the last several years"

"So what's the fvcking problem you hmong."