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Considering retraining
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Posted - 25 April 2017 08:38
Hi. I'm thinking of starting to train with BPP, but wanted to get some idea of my likely prospects so just looking to canvas opinions. I don't have any particular field in mind at this stage.

I'm 48, have had a couple of decent if not financially rewarding careers in the past (one in IT and the most recent working in remote places on Expedition Cruise ships around the world), but I'm tired of travelling so much and IT is a young person's game - I've been out of it too long to go back even if I wanted to.

In the distant pass I got mediocre A-levels (BDD) and a general degree in Business Studies from the then Leicester Polytechnic.

I do have the money to fund both a GDL and an LPP/LLM. Would I be looked at for training after that, or am I too old and my background too flakey?

Thanks for any advice

Legal Alien
Posted - 25 April 2017 17:47
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definitely don't bother.
The RedQueen
Posted - 27 April 2017 17:10
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I have done this at a similar age (I'm 50), and so far it's going fine, but that said, I have a First from Cambridge and three As at A level. I have met a guy doing it at a similar age and having a lot of trouble getting training contract interviews with similar A levels to yours. Sadly, firms do seem to screen people out on the basis of A levels. However, you could retrain and go for paralegal jobs and work your way up that way... Good luck if you decide to try it!
Posted - 02 May 2017 16:34
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Hi all, thanks for the advice above. It does seem pretty conclusive!
Posted - 07 May 2017 15:15
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Hi all, thanks for the advice above. It does seem pretty conclusive!

Does it? It's 3 posts.
Posted - 13 May 2017 05:15
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I think you need to examine why you want a career in law. Yes, your academics aren't stellar, but if you couple that with a desire for "financial reward" as the main driver then you're not likely to find this journey satisfying.

It is incredibly difficult to get a job as a solicitor because there aren't enough jobs for graduates - of any age. Also, we are currently going through some major reform in the legal sector which (from recollection) will make the GDL/LPC obsolete.

My advice would be to try to get a job as a paralegal. If you find that interesting then perhaps do the GDL or a law degree. Honestly, I don't think you're too old nor your career to flakey, but you are highly unlikely to progress a career as a solicitor through the traditional pathway.
Posted - 15 July 2017 23:55
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Don't bother I say. I changed from a science background and I'm 29. I think firms will probably think I'm too old to be honest.

What about midwifery, nursing or teaching? Much easier routes.

Hand on heart I regret going for this.
Posted - 21 July 2017 13:27
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I am 34 and currently studying the GDL part-time online, whilst working as a scientist. I've been very lucky in securing a TC with the GLS, their recruitment process is completely blind, based only on performance in online SJT, CRT and VRT tests, and later at an assessment centre via written exercise and a competency based interview - at no point do they see the University you attended or the grades you have achieved at A-level etc. Competition is still high here though, 3790 applicants in my round for 45 pupillage and TC posts. Without the GLS, I probably would not have been able to secure a TC - I have no legal work experience on my CV. I think the advice you were given above, that you should make applications first before committing to the course, is good advice. Personally, I think if I had not succeeded in securing a TC, I would not have regretted doing the GDL, it's been hugely rewarding. But, if you only see the GDL as a means to an end, probably best to try and secure a TC (and some legal work experience) beforehand. Good luck!
Doc Croc
Posted - 18 January 2018 22:03
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GLS sounds interesting!
The age can be an issues - competition is tough - though I can highly recomended BPP as a school.
Posted - 27 January 2018 11:15
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Jazzie - I'd recommend before self-funding, make some applications for VCs and TCs and go from there.
Posted - 29 January 2018 12:41
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Posted - 31 January 2018 11:25
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Have you thought about trying to get an in-house training contract? With your IT background, you may be attractive to employers in that area who have an in-house team. Once qualified, you could make the move into private practice. Getting job as paralegal is great idea. I wouldn't recommend funding GDL/LPC without training contract.
Posted - 02 February 2018 13:09
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