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Overseas seat in Australia if over 30...
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Posted - 05 October 2017 15:46
Afternoon roffers.

I'm training from September next year and will do a compulsory international seat. I'll be at least 31 by that time. I'm British and I'd like to go to HK, Singapore or possibly Australia.

My understanding is that most firms who send trainees to Oz do so using the standard 6 month Work/Holiday visa (417 or 462)... but these only apply for those between 18-31 years old.

After briefly perusing the Oz government site it seems I could go on a 457 (Temporary Skills Shortage) visa if:

a) i'm sponsored by a business and;
b) the job i'm doing is on the list of eligible occupations ['solicitor' is on the list]

Do I have this right? Is it much trouble for a firm to send a >30 year old to Australia for 6 months? Or will they likely just flat out refuse? Anyone with experience on this?
bananaman returns
Posted - 07 December 2017 08:20
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bananaman returns
Posted - 07 December 2017 08:21
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Posted - 11 December 2017 13:10
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This is really something for your firm to figure out.