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NQ process - advice appreciated
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Posted - 21 October 2017 11:01

I am due to qualify in March 2018. I am, to be honest, keen to leave for pastures new on the basis that my current firm doesn’t meet my expectations (I won’t go into details save to say that working there has had an adverse impact on my health).

The firm contributed towards my LPC fees and expects that if it makes an offer to you in a department you want then you should pay it back if you take the same job elsewhere. The firm is very secret squirrel about NQ jobs and tends to leave it until late December/January for March qualifiers. I was also told before starting the seat I want to qualify into that it would be unlikely that there would be an NQ position in that department, but I don’t know how much of that was to encourage me into a different seat. As such, I don’t have an indication as to what jobs - if any - I would be offered at my current firm. It may be that they don’t even have a job in the department I want and we can part ways naturally. I do, however, have another firm interested in me and I am not sure when to start the ball rolling in terms of applying formally for external NQ roles. Is it reasonable for me to secure an external NQ offer in the first instance and simply inform my current firm that I will be moving on come March so there isn’t even an offer from them to consider? I can’t wait forever for my current firm to confirm the position, but I don’t know if now is too early to do anything externally.

I know it sounds counter intuitive to be effectively hoping you aren’t offered an NQ role at your current firm, but I am so unhappy here that I have more or less already mentally checked out. I’ll pay the LPC fees back if I have to, but I would obviously prefer to not have to do that!

Any advice welcome.
Vinnie Gambini
Posted - 23 October 2017 16:00
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Not too early to get the ball rolling.

Keep your current firm in the dark until they publish available NQ vacancies. This will stop them from simply advertising/offering you the seat you have expressed an interest in/have been made an offer in by the alternative firm as a means to recover the LPC fees.

Also - just post on the main board. You will get more responses in a shorter time frame.
Posted - 13 December 2017 15:22
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Just start applying. I didn't qualify until July 2017 but started looking from April. Secured a new role in the December.
Posted - 28 February 2018 17:18
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I agree with the above, just get moving with applications.

other firms dont give a monkeys about anything other than filling the NQ vacancy they have so if someone comes along early who is right they will get an offer out .


Do not shoot yourself in the foot, if you have an NQ option at your current firm in an area that you would happily work in (albeit in another firm) or that is close to what you want to work in to make sure you get that as a back up - you dont want to be floating around after yoru TC without anything to go to
Posted - 28 February 2018 17:24
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also, at the risk of sounding patronising, if you have already "checked out" of your current firm I would (if you havent already) imagine how your work would be to not stress you out (leaving on time, gymming at lunch etc) and just do that and see how you feel - not in order to make everything OK but it can be a very interesting exercise in understanding where your stress comes from and how to manage it
Posted - 05 July 2018 13:31
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When you say your current firm expects you to pay back your LPC fees if you don't qualify, is that set out absolutely in your TC...?